Cyril Louis
Executive Creative Director

Coming from a Mechatronic and Fine Art background my knowledge and experience extend to a broad area. I have a thinking process that unifies many subfields, enabling me to have a holistic view of the problem to solve.

I believe in true creative spirit and dedication to the craft. I have a passion for integrated communication that includes storytelling, digital experiences, service & product innovation. Create unique consumer experiences that are relevant and timely to current events and cultural influences. Problem solver, conceptual thinker, and designer at heart, I am a hybrid creative leader getting the best out of brands and teams.

I previously worked in the top London, Singapore, Sydney startups and agencies like R/GA, Ogilvy & Mather, Sapient Razorfish, Holler... Where I have created global & regional solutions for Nike, Audi, Nikon McDonald’s, Nokia, Bacardi, Emirates, Diesel, Playstation, EA Games...

Problem solver and a designer at heart I am a business minded hybrid creative.

Creative Leadership
Creative & Design Direction
Brand Building & Communication
Business transformation, product and service innovation


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Honors & Awards 
Cannes Lions - 1 Bronze, 2 Finalist
Bafta -  2 Nominations
Webby Awards - 10 Honors, 4 Finalist
The One Show - 1 Merit winner, 4 shortlist
Art Directors Club - 1 Merit winner
LIA - 1 Silver
Eurobest - 4 Win
BIMAS - 2 Win
IMA -3 Best in show, 2 Outstanding achievements, 2 Win
D&AD - 1 Wood pencil, 1 Finalist
Epica award - 2 Bronze
Lovie Awards - 1 people choice, 2 bronze
IPA - 1 Silver, 1 Best Dedication to Effectiveness
Spikes Asia - 2 Bronze, 3 shortlist

IAS Hall of Fame - 1 Gold
Creative Circle - 1 Bronze, 1 shortlist
FWA - 1 Site of the Month, 12 Site of the day 5 Mobile of the day
Adobe Cutting Edge award - 2 Win
Davies - 2 Gold, 6 Silver
Digital Out of Home Awards - 1 Best in show
NMA - Campaign of the Month
NMA Effectiveness - 2 nominations
W3 Awards - 1 Best in show, 3 Gold, 1 Silver
Marketing Society Awards - Best Digitally Led Marketing Campaign


"Without Cyril’s dedication to push our brand further, we would never have achieved what we targeted in such short timing."

Stephanie Dugas - Head of Nikon Global Communication


"No matter how high your standards, he will push them higher. He will make people more productive, and happier with their work."

Sean Chambers - VP, Executive Creative Director - Razorfish


"Cyril is a world-class thinker and true craftsman, exacting respect from those who work with him."

Merran Morton - Managing Director - Holler


"Cyril is exceptional: he is an inventive thinker, a pioneer of technology and a logician all at once. He has the ability to pack the complex down to the engagingly simple."

Will Awdry - Creative Partner - Ogilvy


"Cyril simply sets the bar very very high when it comes to creativity, quality and professionalism. During his time at Razorfish, he single-handedly transformed the creative output of the agency's biggest account, in turn, transforming our relationship with the client."

Chris Mellish - CEO - Razorfish


"When he joined Holler Australia, Cyril took the creative department from zero to One Show inside 12 months. Clients trust him. Creatives want to work for him."

Jonathon Shannon - Creative - Holler


"Cyril is always 10 steps ahead of the zeitgeist, he's insightful, strategic and his ideas are expansive without missing a commercial beat."

Vlad Mehakovic - Head of CX - Holler