Coming from a Mechatronic and Fine Art background my knowledge and experience extend to a broad area of design. I have a design process that unifies many subfields, enabling me to have a holistic view of the problem to solve.

I have a passion for digital experiences, storytelling, service & product innovation. Created unique consumer experiences that are relevant and timely to current events and cultural influences. It is my belief that the best experiences in work and in life are always the result of an environment that encourages and cultivates relationships and a shared vision.

I previously worked in the top London, Singapore, Sydney startups and agencies like R/GA, Ogilvy & Mather, Sapient Razorfish, Holler... Where I have created global & regional solutions for Nike, Audi, Nikon McDonald’s, Nokia, Bacardi, Emirates, Diesel, Playstation, EA Games...

Problem solver and a designer at heart I am a business minded hybrid creative.


Creative & Design Direction
Brand Building & Communication
Business transformation, product and service innovation 

Email: cyril[@]
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Honors & Awards 
Cannes Lions - 1 Bronze, 2 Finalist
Bafta -  2 Nominations
Webby Awards - 10 Honors, 4 Finalist
D&AD - 1 Wood pencil, 1 Finalist
LIA - 1 Silver
The One Show - 1 Merit winner, 4 shortlist
Art Directors Club - 1 Merit winner
Lovie Awards - 1 people choice, 2 bronze
IPA - 1 Silver, 1 Best Dedication to Effectiveness
Spikes Asia - 1 Bronze, 3 shortlist
Eurobest - 4 Win
BIMAS - 2 Win
IMA - 2 Win, 3 Best in show, 2 Outstanding achievement
FWA - 1 Site of the Month, 12 Site of the day 5 Mobile of the day
Adobe Cutting Edge award - 2 Win
Epica award - 2 Bronze
Davies - 2 Gold, 6 Silver
Digital Out of Home Awards - 1 Best in show
NMA - Campaign of the Month
NMA Effectiveness - 2 nominations
W3 Awards - 1 Best in show, 3 Gold, 1 Silver
Marketing Society Awards - Best Digitally Led Marketing Campaign