McDonald’s asked us activate & celebrate the love that people feel for the brand and their core items. Remind people why they love the McDonald’s brand experience and it’s role as part of the fabric of Britain. Remind people why they love McDonald’s core products.


The Solution
We created a campaign inviting people to celebrate all the moments in their lives made more enjoyable with a McDonald’s. 

We asked McD’s fans a simple question, ‘What’s your McDonald’s Moment? 

We then showcased the answers - all those wonderful memories and timeless stories that reveal their love for the brand. Illustrated and animated on the fly, they were placed into the ‘100 McDonald’s Moments’ gallery for the world to see.

"One of the best performing campaign ever for McDonald’s UK"

Steve Hill, Brand Director McDonald’s


Created in real time
This was real-time marketing in practice. Seeding the question, collecting the responses and crafting the Moments was an on-going process that produced a campaign that evolved from start to finish. Moments made Moments. Each one would inspire new submissions. This was a celebration of customer stories and they were eager to participate.

Bespoke illustration
Every Moment that made the gallery would be represented by a single image. This image needed to glorify the consumer story, and catch the eye and encourage interaction. Every illustration was hand drawn before being lovingly converted into bright and vibrant vector graphics. These were then storyboarded, ready for animation.

"Imagine spending 121.1 years on a website you love. That’s exactly what our audience did."


Submitted Moments were also used in contextual ad placements. Whether it was sport, shopping, music or social sites, we had the perfect Moments to speak to every kind of person in every kind of place. 


By the people, for the people
By the end of the campaign we had 100 beautifully crafted McDonald’s Moments making up the experience. 100 Moments that demonstrated the UK’s undying love for the McDonald’s brand. 100 Moments that helped inspire an audience to go out and have a McDonald’s of their own.

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