How do you get people to see that having a healthy body relies on having a healthy mind?


The challenge
Our mental and physical states are inseparably linked. Mental causes produce physical effects, which is why we tremble with fear, or glow with happiness. What our mind experiences, our body feels, and vice versa. This is indisputable. Even so, most people believe that health is all about taking care of the body. That’s how we’ve been conditioned to think since birth. So, how do you change such a widely-held misconception? 

"An innovative in-store promotion and activation tool"


The solution
Imagine being able to see inside your own mind. That might sound like the stuff of Science Fiction, but by using an EEG headband to listen to users’ brain waves and measure their emotional states and affective responses, we were able to do it. Blurring the line between code and thought, these brainwaves were translated into a real-time ocean visualization that allowed them to view a picture of their current mental state. 

To demonstrate how the body can calm the mind we had them play a short meditation game, which involved trying to calm an ocean storm. To calm their thoughts, and hence the storm, they simply had to relax physically – demonstrating how body and mind work together in the most unexpected way. Next to show the opposite, how the mind affects the body, we triggered cognitive discomfort that stimulated unpleasant physical symptoms.

So the wearer discovered through their own direct sense experience how their mind and body were intrinsically linked, and this was confirmed by on-screen results.



"It has increased dwell time in-store by 130%"



With The Mindful Ocean, we’ve created an innovative application that merges several technologies in an entirely new way.

The results
More than just an informative experience, The Mindful Ocean has quickly become a key conversation enabler.  It has increased dwell time in-store by 130%, it’s been responsible for 12.5% of new leads and 25% of those who tried it in store, bought brain health products on the spot

Even more importantly, we’ve debunked a popular misconception, changed the attitudes and behaviour of people of all ages and backgrounds, and invented an education tool that could make a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of vast numbers of people.