To mark 40 years in the UK, McDonald’s asked us to leverage people’s love for the brand so that everyone can join the celebration.


From the little moments to some of the biggest, for 40 years McDonald’s has been there in our lives. How do we remind our audience of this unique relationship to drive further affinity and advocacy?

The solution
Since the opening of the first McDonald’s in the UK in 1974, the brand has become part of British life.  What better way to celebrate McDonald's 40th anniversary in the UK than invite everyone, from all walks of life, to tell their McDonald’s story? After all, a brand isn’t what you tell people it is – it’s what people think it is.

"Clever digitally-led campaign using Google services to enable an innovative storytelling"

Lindsay Hirsch, Google Industry Manager


Innovative storytelling
The best way to tell a story is to literally tell it. So using Google’s speech recognition we instantly and dynamically converted our audience’s speech into beautiful, animated, typographic posters that they could enjoy and share.

Making the memories unique
Each memory was personal and unique, so were the posters. We built an engine understanding the feeling behind the story and chose the colours, typography, icons and animations accordingly. The posters were then displayed in a dynamic gallery for everyone to enjoy.



"Each memory was personal and unique, so were the posters"

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“At Google we’re always pleased when we see a top digital agency using so many of our technologies in a meaningful way.” 

Lindsay Hirsch, Google Industry Manager

Celebrating people’s love
A selection of the memories were chosen to feature in a variety of media, from outdoor to social, reaching far and wide and inspiring more people to join the celebration. The campaign put McDonald’s front and mind encouraging restaurant visits and making millions of new memories across the UK.

The results
We reached our 8 weeks target in only 6 days.
1.3M people visited the experience
400k submitted their memor