“Who said chicken can’t fly!”
The chicken Legend riding one of the world fastest radio-controlled car and making a gravity-defying leap over 2 articulated lorries. A serious ridiculously stupid stunt, not unlike your average chicken.


The challenge
McDonald’s asked us to ignite love for the Chicken Legend among the 16-24 year olds guys and become as famous for chicken as they are for beef.
The Chicken Legend only has the name, not the status.
How to turn the Chicken Legend into an actual legend?

The idea
We needed to show that a Chicken Legend always lives up to its name. We had to prove it’s legendary credentials by making it the star of an epic stunt - an amazing, one-of-a-kind feat that will make it a true cult legend. 


"Legends are made,
not born."



Direct your own cut by changing the cameras angles and controlling the speed of the car. Visit the experience