McDonald’s launched McCafé in the UK. How do we tell their audience about this latest offering? And how we make them try the new range of delicious drinks and indulgent treats.


Coffee is a conversation enabler, a reason for people to socialise. But recently something has got in the way… Technology has changed how people communicate. They converse with computers. They mumble on mobiles. It’s more Facebook than face-to-face. 

The idea
We thought it’s time to make a stand. Time to bring conversation back by enabling a time to get together and chat. That’s why we created ‘McCafé Meet Up’. We used new technology to start good old conversations. A utility motivating the digitally dependent to find time to socialise.

It was simple. All they had to do was meet up with a mate, and then with a quick download of the McDonald’s app, and a simple tap of their phones, their get together would be rewarded with free McCafé treats. Treats that would fuel their conversation further.


When people say “let’s go for a coffee”, they actually mean “let’s go for a chat”


McCafé Meet Up facilitated a REAL social time. It inspired FRESH conversation. It gave back the “let's go for a coffee” expression its real meaning.