McDonald’s asked us to ignite love for the Big Mac® amongst 16-24 year olds to help future proof their world famous burger.


The Challenge
The Big Mac is an icon, it’s always been an icon and an entire generation agrees. Unfortunately, our audience doesn’t share the same love and reverence for the old favourite. They’re not emotionally attached or engaged with the brand let alone the Big Mac. So how do we inspire a new following and make the Big Mac an icon for everyone?

The Idea
Applying scientific, psychological and mathematical methods we set out to research how the Big Mac affects people’s minds. We created a series of experiments that would put our own marketing to the test and transform our message from straight advertising to engaging content.

Our audience might think they don’t want a Big Mac but we believe that there’s a small part of their subconscious that secretly does – that when they see one, they do in fact want one. We went to prove that the Big Mac part of their brain exists. Through a series of tests, we showed our audience how the Big Mac captivates everyone.



"Can anyone resist the power of the Big Mac? "

See the power of the Big Mac
Everyone has a Big Mac part of their brain. They just don’t know about it. 
We started by testing our theory on unsuspecting members of the public. Filmed with hidden cameras to record their true reactions, the results showed that just the sight of the Big Mac is enough for people to lose their ability to focus on what people actually look like. 88% of the public were distracted.

Experience the power of the Big Mac
After showing the power the Big Mac has on members of the public, we gave our audience the chance to test themselves, to see if they too would be distracted by the Big Mac. We created a series of mind tests that showcased the power of the Big Mac in a number of ways – each time proving that when you see one, you want one.


"You think you don’t think you want one but we think you do think you do"


We reached our audience by making a cross-platform experience. Available on most devices, our audience engaged with the Big Mac Mind Tests, wherever and whenever they wanted.