Rihanna faced a challenge: how do you launch an album when people aren't buying albums anymore? We sow an opportunity to change how fan experience her music and redefine how they experience a concert.


A concert like no other
We created Rihanna live, a digital platform that gave fans unprecedented access to Rihanna, position Nokia as a music provider and helped successfully launch Rihanna album Rated R. We threw an exclusive concert at London Brixton Academy that was streamed live across the digital platform, giving fans worldwide a front-row seat. Before the big night, the site featured posts, interviews, photos and messages from Rihanna herself.

"I am so excited to partner up with Nokia. They are doing some really revolutionary things with this album, enabling me to reach more fans than ever before."


"Redefining how fans experience a concert"



A little bit of collaboration, food,
and a whole lot of love. My friend Briony
and I created a series of pictures for
thegoodforks.com based in Vancouver.

10M Social media impressions
1.6M videos views
600k visits to the microsite
2M Widget views
1.200 Blog posts written about the event