McDonald's My Burger


What makes the perfect burger? Everyone has an opinion and McDonald’s fans are no different. They regularly use social media to share their views. We were tasked to do something about it - to not just listen, but act.


McDoonald's UK 




For the first time ever in the UK, we created a social experiment to find the very best burgers imagined by the people of Britain and feature them on the McDonald's menu. We called it My Burger. We built an intuitive tool that let the Nation put their taste to the test and create their perfect burgers. It was simple, tactile and fun – a fluid interface that allowed our audience to easily craft burgers bursting with personality and originality. With millions of possible taste combinations, we soon had a culinary collection of individual, fun and above all, flavoursome burgers from all over Great Britain.

Let the Nation put their taste to the test


My Burger wasn’t just about creating burgers. It was about voting for them too. The nation would decide what makes the perfect burger and My Burger was their voice. Whether they preferred pineapple or pepperoni, McDonald’s fans, at last, could have their say. We gave them the choice to give every burger either a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote. This reflected true popularity and gave My Burger the democracy it deserved.

This was a campaign for the people so it was only right to give them an experience that could be accessed wherever and whenever they wanted. Available on mobile, desktop and tablet, we had developed a rich experience that was consistent on any platform.

This was a campaign for the people


For the first time ever in the UK, we gave our fans, and the entire country, complete control of the McDonald’s kitchen



Our audience crafted over 115,000 unique burgers – that’s one every 20 seconds! And with over a million visitors, spending an average of 5 minutes with the experience, the votes poured in. It wasn’t long before the UK had made their choice. The final five were announced - FIVE burgers that stood for the taste of the Nation, five burgers built for Britain by Britain.

My Burger was a campaign for the people. It empowered them. It gave them a voice. It allowed their opinion to be listed too and acted upon resulting in their burgers being sold in every McDonald’s restaurant throughout the UK.